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Glass Rocks Yellow 40-100 mm | Kg
Sliding scale prices:
2-9 kg per 11,00 EUR (11,00 EUR per kg)
10-19 kg per 9,00 EUR (9,00 EUR per kg)
20-99 kg per 6,50 EUR (6,50 EUR per kg)
100-249 kg per 5,00 EUR (5,00 EUR per kg)
250-499 kg per 4,25 EUR (4,25 EUR per kg)
500-999 kg per 3,12 EUR (3,12 EUR per kg)
> 999 kg per 3,00 EUR (3,00 EUR per kg)
11,00 EUR
11,00 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Three glass rocks | glass chunks yellowFind the Perfect Yellow Glass Chunks for Your Garden Here!

Are you looking for high-quality yellow glass chunks that will not only beautify your gabions and gardens but also enhance the decor of your home?

Versatile Applications for Your Garden Design!

Imagine how these radiant yellow glass chunks can transform your garden into a vibrant and inviting oasis. Whether you're filling your gabions, enhancing your garden, or letting your creative juices flow with crafting, these glass chunks are the ideal choice!

Why Should You Buy These Yellow Glass Chunks?

Yellow glass chunks are the perfect solution to give your garden a fresh, sunny ambiance. They are excellent for clubs, communities, and school districts to beautify school gardens or public spaces. These stunning glass chunks are also an ideal option for resellers and wholesalers to expand their inventory and offer something unique to their customers.

Get Your Yellow Glass Chunks Now!

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your garden into a radiant paradise. Click now and secure these yellow glass chunks to unleash your creativity and make your garden a true focal point. The time has come to brighten your world with vibrant yellow – so, what are you waiting for? Buy yellow glass chunks and transform your garden into a sunny wonderland! ✨

Of course, DECO STONES' glass chunks are weather-resistant and recyclable without the need for additional treatment.

Inquiries at: 05302-930320.

Yellow Glass Chunks, the Special Glass Material for Effective Decoration in Home, Garden, and Landscaping.


  • for filling gabions (wire baskets) instead of stone material
  • as gabion filling material, in combination with natural stone products
  • as extravagant, under- or backlit garden decoration
  • as decorative, daylight-glistening border for paths, beds, terraces
  • as edge paving around buildings - an alternative to pebbles
  • as decorative large-scale design element indoors and outdoors


  • real colored glass, dyed through.
  • more color-intensive than natural stone products, even when dry
  • absolutely color-stable, even in extreme outdoor conditions
  • non-rotting, nearly infinite weather resistance
  • valuable raw material, recyclable without special processing
  • minimal moss or algae growth in open spaces due to the non-porous glass surface
  • self-cleaning, largely through natural or artificial irrigation

DECO STONES Import/Export, your wholesale and retail partner for yellow glass chunks, for gabion filling or as a novel, fascinating design element in garden and landscaping.