Fill Gabions with Crystal Glass Rocks for Extraordinary Sparkle

Glass rocks | chunks clear for filling gabions, size 60-100 mm
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10-15 kg per 2,90 EUR (2,90 EUR per kg)
20-95 kg per 2,53 EUR (2,53 EUR per kg)
100-245 kg per 2,25 EUR (2,25 EUR per kg)
250-495 kg per 2,13 EUR (2,13 EUR per kg)
500-745 kg per 1,81 EUR (1,81 EUR per kg)
750-995 kg per 1,69 EUR (1,69 EUR per kg)
> 995 kg per 1,55 EUR (1,55 EUR per kg)
3,50 EUR
3,50 EUR per kg
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Glass rocks clear, size 250-300 mm
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Glass chunks | glass rlocks clear

Clear crystal glass stones are very beautiful, crystal-clear stones, but unfortunately often difficult to obtain. Frequently, these so-called crystal-clear glass stones have a greenish to yellowish-green coloration. The cause lies in the raw materials used for glass production. The raw material quality is geographically determined.

Crystal-clear glass stones, which are often also referred to as white glass stones, are low in iron oxides when they do not have any coloration.
Iron oxides give the glass an often undesirable bluish-green to yellowish-green coloration, depending on the valence of the iron ions.

Crystal clear glass stones, white, glass stones, largely without coloration

These highly transparent items are particularly suitable in combination with light sources, such as in illuminated gabions.
Glass stones - the special glass product for innovative open space design. We are pleased to offer our customers crystal clear glass stones of very good quality, almost without coloration. These glass stones are especially suitable as filling material for gabions for use in illuminated gabions. Crystal clear glass stones faithfully reflect the light provided by the LEDs without significant loss of brightness.

Of course, DECO STONES glass stones are weather-resistant and recyclable without any further treatment.

Since we are familiar with the requirements of commercial customers, we offer these fascinating glass stones in various grain sizes. All common sizes for filling gabions, even in large quantities, are immediately available from stock. Our product portfolio leaves hardly anything to be desired. Let yourself be inspired and buy these beautiful crystal-clear glass stones inexpensively and easily with a click.

Why do people like to buy glass for garden and landscaping from DECO STONES?

As one of the first providers in Germany, we have successfully introduced glass for use in gardens and landscapes. The television channels PRO SIEBEN, RTL, and ZDF were also impressed by these glass innovations and their possibilities for use. Impressive garden decorations were implemented in their garden shows using our glass articles.

Trust us - selling glass rocks is our thing, from the very beginning. If you have any questions regarding "glass in gardens and landscapes," you have come to the right place with DECO STONES.

You can get all the necessary information from our experts at this phone number: Tel. 05302-930320


  • to fill gabions (wire baskets) instead of stone material
  • as gabion filling material, in combination with natural stone products
  • as extravagant garden decoration, backlit or underlit
  • as decorative border that sparkles in daylight for paths, beds, and terraces
  • as edge paving around buildings - an alternative to pebbles
  • as decorative large-scale design element for indoor and outdoor areas


  • genuine coloured glass, uniformly coloured
  • more colour-intensive than natural stone products even in dry condition
  • completely colour-stable, even under extreme outdoor weathering
  • non-degradable, virtually endless weather resistance
  • valuable raw material, recyclable without special processing
  • hardly any moss or algae growth in open spaces due to the non-porous glass surface
  • self-cleaning, mostly through natural or artificial irrigation


DECO STONES Import/Export, your wholesale and retail partner for crystal glass rocks, for filling gabions or as a standalone decoration in garden and landscape construction.