Glass rocks light green, exclusive filler for gabions and bulk material for your garden

Glass Rocks Light Green 60-120 mm
Sliding scale prices:
10-95 kg per 2,00 EUR (2,00 EUR per kg)
100-245 kg per 1,80 EUR (1,80 EUR per kg)
250-495 kg per 1,70 EUR (1,70 EUR per kg)
500-745 kg per 1,55 EUR (1,55 EUR per kg)
750-995 kg per 1,40 EUR (1,40 EUR per kg)
> 995 kg per 1,35 EUR (1,35 EUR per kg)
2,00 EUR
2,00 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 1 (from a total of 1)

Three glass chunks in the color light greenBuy Light Green Glass Rocks Cheap: Ideal for Gabion Filling and Garden Design

In the online shop of DECO STONES, you can purchase high-quality light green glass rocks at affordable prices. Our light green glass rocks are versatile and perfect for filling gabions, garden design, and creative decorations. Discover the endless possibilities of how you can make your garden and landscape projects shine with our glass rocks.

Your Key to Creative Design with Light Green Glass Rocks

You will love owning our light green glass rocks. With their vibrant green color, they bring a refreshing vitality to your garden and projects. These glass rocks are more than just stones; they are your opportunity to create artworks and transform your home or garden into an oasis of beauty. Experience the joy of designing and decorating by purchasing our high-quality glass rocks.

Buying Light Green Glass Rocks: Your Unique Creativity

When you acquire our light green glass rocks, you are investing in more than just a product. You are investing in your own creativity and the possibility to create unique, custom-made artworks. Each stone tells a story and contributes to your personal style. Let your imagination run wild and turn your ideas into reality with our glass rocks.

For end consumers, project planners, resellers, and more, we also supply light green glass rocks.

Light green glass rocks are suitable for a wide audience. Whether you are an end consumer looking to beautify your garden, a reseller in search of high-quality products, or part of associations, communities, wholesalers, or school publishers, our glass rocks have something for everyone. Discover the versatility and quality of our products.

Buying Light Green Glass Rocks: A Unique Experience

With us, you not only get light green glass rocks but also a positive shopping experience. We at DECO STONES are your trusted partner for purchasing light green glass rocks.

More than 24 years of experience in selling glass rocks speak for themselves.

DECO STONES light green glass rocks add fascinating new accents to your garden. More and more garden and landscape designers are drawn to the allure of using glass in the garden.
Don't wait any longer and let your amazed neighbors admire you with curious looks.

GLASS ROCKS light green as Highlight in Your Garden, as Gabion Filling, or as Design Element on Your Flower Bed

More and more landscape architects are discovering the fascinating design versatility of glass. We place special emphasis on ensuring that the green glass color does not appear very dark. The glass rocks can quickly appear black.
The color density of glass rocks, from the same production line, depends on their size.
The larger the grain, the darker the glass color. We are pleased to offer our customers green glass rocks with excellent transparency.

All glass rocks from DECO STONES are frost-resistant, color-stable, and can be used outdoors without hesitation. The glass stones are particularly suitable as gabion filling material, using lighting elements, in so-called illuminated gabions.
Due to the not too dark glass color, our green glass rocks are even translucent by LEDs.

Following the trend of narrower gabions, we also stock a smaller grain size of 40 mm - 80 mm. This allows for filling narrow-meshed gabions very well.

Of course, DECO STONES glass stones are weather-resistant and recyclable without additional treatment.

Since we are aware of the requirements of commercial customers, we offer these fascinating light green glass rocks in various grain sizes.

For current stock sizes, please inquire at Tel.: 05302-930320


  • for filling gabions (wire baskets), instead of stone material
  • as gabion filling material, in combination with natural stone products
  • as extravagant, under- or backlit garden decoration
  • as decorative, glittering edging for paths, flower beds, terraces in daylight
  • as edging around buildings - an alternative to pebbles
  • as a decorative, large-area design element indoors and outdoors


  • genuine colored glass, through and through.
  • more color-intensive when dry compared to natural stone products
  • absolutely color-stable, even in extreme outdoor weather
  • non-rotting, almost infinite weather resistance
  • valuable raw material, recyclable without special processing
  • hardly any moss or algae growth in open spaces, due to the non-porous glass surface
  • self-cleaning, largely through natural or artificial irrigation
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