Glass Rocks in Blue Color – Chunks of colored glass to fill gabions in gardens.

Glass rocks cobalt blue | dark blue

10,50 EUR
10,50 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
glass rocks cobalt blue approx. 60-100 mm
Sliding scale prices:
10-95 kg per 2,45 EUR (2,45 EUR per kg)
100-245 kg per 2,18 EUR (2,18 EUR per kg)
250-495 kg per 2,07 EUR (2,07 EUR per kg)
500-745 kg per 1,89 EUR (1,89 EUR per kg)
750-995 kg per 1,73 EUR (1,73 EUR per kg)
> 995 kg per 1,66 EUR (1,66 EUR per kg)
2,45 EUR
2,45 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Three pieces of cobalt blue Glass Chunks | rocksDECO STONES cobalt blue glass rocks | chunks are very beautiful, transparent pieces of glass. We pay special attention to ensure that the dark blue glass color is not so dark that the glass rocks | chunks appear black.

We are pleased to offer our customers high-quality cobalt blue glass rocks | chunks. These glass stones are particularly suitable for filling gabions, especially when used with lighting elements in what is called "light gabions."

Due to the moderately dark glass color, our cobalt blue glass rocks | chunks can still be illuminated by LEDs.

Cobalt Blue glass rocks | chunks - a special eye-catcher for innovative outdoor design

Create fascinating accents in your garden with this beautiful dark blue glass color. Following the trend of narrower gabions, we also offer a smaller grain size of 40 mm - 80 mm in stock. This allows for filling narrow-meshed gabions effectively.

Of course, DECO STONES glass stones are weather-resistant and recyclable without requiring additional treatment.

As we understand the requirements of commercial customers, we offer these fascinating cobalt blue glass rocks | chunks in various grain sizes. Please refer to the table below for the current stock sizes. For inquiries, call: 05302-930320.


  • For filling gabions (wire baskets) instead of stone material
  • As gabion filling material, in combination with natural stone products
  • As extravagant garden decoration, illuminated from below or behind
  • As decorative border that sparkles in daylight for paths, flower beds, terraces
  • As edge covering around buildings - an alternative to pebbles
  • As a decorative large-scale design element for indoor and outdoor use


  • Real colored glass, thoroughly dyed
  • More color-intense than natural stone products even when dry
  • Absolutely color-stable, even under extreme outdoor exposure
  • Non-degradable, virtually unlimited weather resistance
  • Valuable raw material, recyclable without special processing
  • Minimal moss or algae growth in outdoor spaces due to the non-porous glass surface
  • Self-cleaning, mostly through natural or artificial irrigation