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Flusslauf mit Glaskies
River course of glass gravel | chippings

Glass Chippings are derived from industrial flat and container glass making them environmentally sustainable and friendly. Also known as Glass Gravel among certain international buyers, glass chippings have demonstrated great use in commercial projects and garden designing.

Their easy to use cleaning properties have made them an attractive raw spreading material at various public spaces in Germany. When mixed with a combination of colors, they deliver a special glass effect making them very useful in event and trade show design. Since they leave no residue and are easy to disassemble, glass chippings have a multitude of applications in building gardens, landscaping open public spaces like parks, recreational areas and city squares.

Glass Chippings are immensely versatile and can be at trade shows, to build gardens, or as spreading material in public spaces.

Available fractions: 2.5-5 mm (special grain size on request), 5- 10 mm, 10-20 mm. Glass chippings | glass gravel are recycling products which are produced from hollow glass or flat glass. Accordingly, the grain shape above 5-10 mm is rather flat and shard-shaped.
The glass grains offered here are not sharp-edged and can be processed without risk of injury. Even barefoot walking is possible on the 5 -10 mm grain.

Applications of Glass Chippings

  • Floor beds of pedestrian paths
  • Decorative, large-scale bulk material in commercial and urban open-space systems
  • Around building edges and as an alternative to glass pebbles
  • Designing artificial river and lake landscaping
  • as a decorative aggregate in conjunction with polyurethane or epoxy resins for the production of open-pore or closed outdoor flooring
  • Alternative to pebbles as a flat roof cover
  • Decorative large-scale spreading material in open urban spaces such as parks,
  • in design of artificial river and lake landscaping
  • walkable material allows use in high traffic areas

Features of Glass Gravel

  • Made from recycled industrial flat glass and container glass
  • Available colors -  light blue, dark blue, turquoise, dark green, red, yellow, brown and black
  • Glass dust can be easily removed by spraying water
  • Reusable and residue free removal
  • Rot free material under all weather conditions
  • Easy to install and deinstall at events
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes