Fill Gabions with Crystal Glass Rocks for Extraordinary Sparkle

glass rocks crystal clear
Glass Rocks Crystal Clear | Glass Chunks

Glass rocks crystal are very beautiful, crystal clear, but unfortunately often difficult to obtain glass rocks. Often these so-called "crystal clear glass rocks" have a greenish to yellow-greenish color cast, which is caused by the different raw materials used for glass production.

Landscape your garden with beautiful Glass Rocks. Combine them with LED lights and watch your garden transform into a play of colors.

Crystal glass chunks and crystal clear glass stones - Without colour cast

Especially suitable in combination with light sources such as light gabions. The special glass product for innovative open space design. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers crystal glass rocks in very good quality, without colour cast. These glass chunks are particularly suitable as gabion filling material for use in luminous gabions. Crystal glass rocks reproduce the light supplied by the LEDs without any significant loss of brightness.

Of course, DECO STONES glass rocks are weather-resistant and recyclable without post-treatment. Since we know the requirements of commercial customers, we stock these fascinating glass blocks in a wide variety of grain sizes.

Glass Rocks from Deco Stones are also available in the following colors:

Glass Rocks | Glass Chunks Clear and Turquoise in a garden project
  • Blue – Cobalt Blue and Ocean Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Amber
  • Red
  • Opaque White
  • Green – Dark green and Light green
  • Black

As a German company, our glass products meet the highest quality standards. We assure the products delivered to our business and retail customers are of superior quality. Our packaging is recycling friendly, and we deliver across the world with trusted delivery partners.

Glass Rocks Crystal Video


  • for filling gabions (wire baskets), instead of stone material
  • as gabion filling material, in combination with natural stone products
  • as extravagant, underlit or backlit garden decoration
  • as a decorative, daylight glittering border for paths, flower beds, terraces
  • as edge covering around buildings - alternative to pebbles
  • as a decorative large-area design element indoors and outdoors


  • true coloured glass, solid coloured.
  • compared to natural stone products also in dry condition colour intensive
  • absolutely colour stable, even with extreme outdoor weathering
  • not decayable, almost infinite weather resistance
  • valuable raw material, can be recycled without special processing
  • hardly any mossing or algae growth in the open space, due to the pore-free
    glass surface
  • self-cleaning, largely due to natural or artificial irrigation

DECO STONES Import/Export, your wholesale and retail partner for crystal glass rocks, for filling gabions or as solitary decoration in horticulture and landscape gardening.