Fire Pit Glass is a perfect decoration for your Fireplace

glass rocks turquoise | glass chunks
Glass Rocks Turquoise | Glass chunks

Gas powered fireplaces are increasingly common as they keep they burn clean, emit low fumes and do not generate soot. Fire Pit Glass is designed for use in gas fireplaces as they effectively mask the housing of the gas jets. As an effective alternative to rocks, pebbles, or artificial logs, they increase efficiency by reflecting heat and light.

Since fire glass is tempered glass, it does not burn at even high temperatures. It can withstand very high temperatures and prolonged exposure to heat.

Gas fireplaces can look ugly with plumbing and jets jutting out. Traditional rocks or ceramic logs are used to cover up the imperfections. However, tempered glass is a recent alternative as the beauty of the glass crystals shine through in the fire. Fireglass can collect and radiate heat making the system more efficient. As one of the first suppliers of glass in garden products across Germany, Deco Stones is a reputed and reliable supplier of fireplace glass.

Our collection of Glass Rocks, Glass Chippings and Glass Pebbles in a combination of colors and sizes can be a perfect fit for your fireplaces. Larger glass rocks can be prone to cracking, hence please call us to ensure that you order the right size for your fireplace.


  • Used in Fireplaces, Fire pits, and gas stoves designed for logs, stones or glass
  • Glass refracts light. Combine them in colors and sizes to create fascinating effects. Decorate them like coal by using orange or red.
  • Blue and Green rocks can make the fire look cleaner


  • Tempered glass designed to withstand extreme heat
  • Soot proof. Leaves no black stains, soot, and ashes
  • Fume free as the glass does not burn
  • Glittering effect from light refraction
  • Low on maintenance since glass is easy to clean


Follow the appliance owner manual to determine the exact quantity of fire glass required. However, for calculation purposes four dimensions are required.

  • Front width
  • Back width
  • Depth
  • Ideal height – typically ranges from 2-4 inches

In case of a round fire pit, you would need to measure the diameter and height to determine the amount needed. If it gets complicated, call our experts to discuss and find the right quantity required.

Fire Pit Glass is a wonderful modern addition to decorate your fireplace. Visit our online shop to discover how our Fire glass collection can lighten up your home.

We recommend that proper safety features are implemented while installing a gas fireplace. Please check with the manufactured if the fireplace is compatible with fire glass. Deco Stones cannot guarantee the compatibility of your equipment with the fire glass.